Life Insurance Trends for 2023

Is getting life insurance on your “to-do” list? It will not only protect your family, but it’s fairly easy to check off the to-do list!

That said, here’s what you need to know about purchasing life insurance in 2023:

You will be able to purchase comprehensive life insurance exam-free at better rates than previously available. Exam-free policies aren’t for everyone, but they can be an easy way to avoid exams that bog down the application process.

Buyers in 2023 may encounter life insurance rates that fluctuate based on their health and lifestyle. For example, your insurer may use data from your Apple Watch or Fitbit to offer discounts.

The life insurance purchase process used to take three to six weeks – it can now be just a few business days due to “simplified underwriting,” so be ready for things to move quick. 

If life insurance is in the cards for 2023, feel free to reach out! We’ll be happy to find a policy that perfectly fits your needs.

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Did you know that a standard homeowners policy does not cover flooding?

We have recently heard multiple concerns from homeowners in the wake of more and more extreme weather events especially as spring showers arrive in our area. That’s why it’s important to have a conversation about flood insurance.

Before spring ⛈️ roll in, we want to make our network aware of this fact and highlight the importance of flood insurance in bridging this coverage gap!

Homeowners does not coverage flood damage.

The damage from just one inch of water can cost a homeowner more than $20,000 to repair.

Low-risk flood zones are not “no-risk” flood zones. Approximately 25% of all floods occur in non-flood zones.

On average, 40% of flood claims occur outside high-risk areas.

Call us today and have the talk about flood insurance.

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